Where We Place Collection Bins

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Faculty Collection Bins

These bins are placed in common areas around campus. This year-round program allows faculty who are inundated with textbooks to purge their inventory in a way that helps the environment via recycling. No one likes throwing away books, especially textbooks. When offered a choice, most people will recycle books rather than dispose of them.

Outside the Bookstores

Very convenient to students and faculty alike, especially during and after book buy-back weeks.

Spring Collection Bins

Collection bins are placed in common areas of dorms and residence halls during the final two weeks of the spring semester. This provides a convenient alternative for students cleaning out their rooms before they head home for the summer.

Construction & Relocation Bins

These collection bins are conveniently supplied and maintained upon request when a department or departments, are relocating to a new building.

Outdoor Year-round Collection Bins

These bins help colleges as well as the local community to divert many tons from landfills and promote a positive attitude towards recycling. Over the past few years, many clubs and organizations have raised money for the collection bins as a way to leave a green legacy and help thier community.

Collection Bins
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