Who We Are

We are a small upstate New York company interested in saving tons of books from the landfill by putting them back into circulation. We started supplying Textbook Recycle collection bins over five years ago, and now supply our bins to more than 100 schools. Our newest addition to our mission is the introduction of year-round, outdoor collection bins.

What We Do

During buy-back week, when students are recycling their textbooks back to the bookstore, many books were simply being tossed into the garbage because the bookstore would not buy them back. We take unused, unwanted textbooks (headed for the landfill) and get them back into circulation domestically and internationally.

How We Do It

We supply Textbook Recycle collection bins and place them around campus, giving faculty and students an alternative to tossing their unwanted textbooks into the garbage. We would have bins available during and just after buy-back week. Many colleges decided they liked the program so much, they wanted us to place and maintain bins on campus year-round, hence we have become a year-round recycling service. We are fully insured.

How YOU Benefit

1) Through our program, you help us create green communities.
2) You no longer incur prohibitive costs for transporting, storage, and disposal of tons of old textbooks. Each bin will divert about 3,000 lbs. per month from the landfill or 36,000 lbs. annually per outdoor collection bin. Every book collected will be recycled!
3) We cover all costs in the recycling process.

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